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Ultimate flexibility for Periodontic Instruments!
Available either as a Complete Instrument or each section individually; with the added advantage and economy of replacing a worn section as opposed to the entire instrument.
section-benexIIaThe new and modern approach to extraction well suited for procedures followed up with implantology.  Benex II provides gentle and simple extraction of roots over the whole mouth. Damage to soft tissue and the surrounding bone is minimised.
Implantology with immediate insertion after tooth extraction is becoming a large focus of modern dentistry. Zepf X Tool Elevators support you during the gentle and uncomplicated extraction of teeth that cannot be preserved. Xcision Forceps
Extraction Forceps. With exclusive design and 25% reduced weight , the ergonomic handle design enables uniform power transmission during pressing, pulling and rotary movements and is equally suited for right & left handed practitioners.
Re-creating the original tooth as faithfully as possible is a challenging task for the material, the dentist and the technician. Zepf’s CompSMOOTH special silicon brush system allows an easy adaption and modelling of the composite surface before polymerisation. section-sinus-2Sinus Instruments By Dr Stiller. The Sinus Instrument Set is particularly suited for difficult maxillary sinus structures, with the advantage that instruments can be adapted and adjusted perfectly to the anatomical conditions of the maxillary sinus.

Krekeler Sliding Caliper
Modified version by Helmut Zepf.
The sliding calipers combine a variety of functions in one instrument, thus facilitating the positioning of implants and increasing the precision.
Children’s Forceps
Zepf’s Milk Teeth RoBa-Edition Forceps incorporate the conventional design of extraction forceps with the advantages of deep grip beaks that fit exactly onto the tooth for maximum grip during extraction.

The ZEPF Drop-Control Blade Holder combines the design of the regular blade holder with a new and revolutionary function.
By pressing the button at the end of the blade hold- er, the blade is pushed forward so that it falls safely into a sharps container.
Retractor and Mouth Mirror
The Zepf Bionik Retractor and Mouth Mirror is avail- able in two sizes, and is universally applicable as a mouth mirror, cheek or tongue retractor, and for muco-periosteal flap retracting.
Available in differing sizes of 24mm and 27mm.