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Implantology with immediate insertion after tooth extraction is becoming a large focus of modern dentistry. As a result it vital to preserve hard and soft tissue structures during the extraction phase and to follow the principles of minimal invasiveness. X Tool is the ideal compliment for this! In contrast to existing instruments the clearly arranged and universal X Tool Set supports you during the gentle and uncomplicated extraction of teeth that cannot be preserved.

1 Initial Loosing of the
desmodontal fibres.[break][break]Apply the X-Desmo Tool first approximally then bucally and palatinally
2 The progressive luxation
with the X-Luxa-Tool (first narrow then wide). Ideal Position is approximal to tooth being extracted.
3 Complete luxation of the upper right molar with support from the wide X-Luxa-Tool. 4 Inspection of the empty tooth socket and curettage with support of the X-Spoon.

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